the team

Strong engineering and/or scientific background (physics/mathematics/software), solid experience in project execution

Key team members

Eugene Cherny - Founder/CEO

Electrical design, Software design, Mechanical design, General management

Eugene left his position as CEO at Argonault to start Cheelcare. He is an experienced executive from the medical device arena, and previously grew a start-up venture to over $20 million in annual sales.

He’s known as a team leader with a solid record of accomplishment in technology innovation and business strategy. His versatility is demonstrated through accomplishments in senior roles at such companies as OpenText, where he was a general manager of Connectivity Group. At Hummingbird Ltd., as VP of R&D, he led 450 developers in 6 countries to develop a connectivity solution that garnered annual sales of over $200 million. This accomplishment resulted in the company being acquired by OpenText. As a manager in times of change, he has a reputation for getting the job done. His experience is reflected in over 20 years of extensive exposure to all aspects of business: technology, operations, growth, strategy, marketing, sales and management. He currently sits on the advisory boards for Global Trade Corporation and CryptoMill.

Dima Paltsev - Founder/CFO

Mechanical design, Strategy, Financials

Dima recognized the need to invest in Cheelcare idea and vision not only financially but through the full time involvement.
He is a senior level executive and an investor, and is part of a partnership that formed the Toronto-based private equity firm Stratum Capital (

Stratum concentrates on oil services innovations and technologies in healthcare/medical assistive devices. As a professional investor, he represented the US Pioneer Investment Group (Boston, MA), $223 billion in assets. In this capacity, he served as a Board Member of major Russian private companies such as:

  • GAZ (GAZ Group), a group of Russian Automotive companies with more than $4B in revenue
  • Seversky, Sinarsky Tube Works later united into TMK, a global leader in tube production with over $6B in revenue

In addition to strategic management, corporate structuring and finance, Dima has extensive experience in project management from various experiences in offshore oilfield exploration. Dima holds a BSc in Automotive Engineering from the Moscow State Automotive University, an MBA from the Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago, and IoD Certification in Company Direction (Institute of Directors, London, UK).

Evelio Goderich - VP Sales & Marketing

Marketing, Logistics, Office Administration MSc, Physics from Lomonosov Moscow State University

Apart from strong technical and scientific skills Evelio has over two decades of experience in
sales, marketing, general administration, logistics, and business development in SMEs.

His track record of building sales channels for several multinationals speaks for itself:

  • from $1.5 to $5M for CCI, as US representative in Russia, IT industry.
  • from $2M to $5M for Karmal International, Canada, LED lighting industry.
  • from $2M to $8M for Artline Media Ltd. in Russia, marketing/corporate gifts industry.

Evelio created and maintained key customer and partner relationships, and developed and implemented strategies to expand corporate customer bases. With names in his client contract portfolio such as Citibank, Gazprom, Gazprombank, Nornickel, RZD (RussianRailWays), Pfizer, Boerigher Ingelheim, Electrolux, Pernod Ricard, Ogilvy, and British American Tobacco, he provides a deep network to further CheelCare’s alliances.

Gennadiy Lisnyak - Product Design Engineer

Mechanical design, Engineering

He is an established mechanical engineer with over 30 years of experience in designing complex robotic and electromechanical devices. A graduate of Dneproderzhinsk Industrial University, he participated and led projects for organizations such as the Canadian Space Agency, Magna, and Environment Canada.

His participation in this project ensures high quality engineering and optimization of mechanical design.

Eduard Sоmin - Senior software Engineer

Software design, Quality Management

BSc Robots and Robotic Systems program at Byelorussian State Polytechnic Academy: BSc Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Israel Technion University, Haifa, Post Graduate Diploma in embedded System Programming, Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan.

Years of software development for embedded and real time systems in aircraft and other industries with specialization in Robotic systems.

Dmitry Marukh Senior Embedded Developer

Electronic design, Software design

Dmitry is an established senior developer with experience developing complex software systems. He brings over 10 years’ experience developing control systems for wheelchairs. Beside software development skills he is a talented electronics engineer.

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